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Our Values & Principles

Our educational philosophy

We believe that education is a critical tool for young people to create their own future. Education should not just focus on an academic outcome but be holistic and meet the wider needs of a young person.

Therefore, measurement of success should be unique to the individual and not universal. The school is driven by 5 principles, underpinned by our mission to transform the lives of young people facing disadvantage.

These principles are:

  • Access to education is a basic human right 
    The Hester Hornbrook Academy will offer any young person the opportunity to engage in education and opportunity to succeed in life regardless of background or circumstances. Critical to any educational experience is the ability to address barriers that prevent access.
  • Every young person’s journey is unique
    The Hester Hornbrook Academy’s curriculum is flexible and centred around their unique talents and passions. Progress and outcomes recognise every young person’s starting point. The focus of any learning plan will support them in fulfilling their unique potential.
  • Young people thrive in a community where they are safe, valued and heard
    The Academy offers young people the opportunity to participate and contribute fully to the life of their immediate and wider community.
  • Meeting a young person’s wellbeing needs is fundamental to their success
    Education at The Hester Hornbrook Academy is holistic in its delivery, ensuring there is appropriate support given to the physical, social and mental wellbeing of each young person.
  • Resilience and character development is fundamental to ensuring lifelong personal growth
    The Academy supports young people to develop resilience and character to successfully navigate the challenges they may encounter through their life.


The Hester Hornbrook Academy’s core values are aligned with the values of Melbourne City Mission.

Our core values are:

  • The principles of inclusiveness, love, hope, service, and social justice are fundamental to our practice.
  • Everyone in the community has a right to have their voice heard.
  • Everyone has the right to have the resources necessary for participation in community and social life.
  • Society is accountable for the well-being of our communities and for community decisions.
  • Collaboration and co-operation within a community leads to stronger responses and better outcomes.
  • Lives can be changed and people are able to participate in society for their own and the common good.
  • Stewardship of our resources is essential to the creation of a sustainable and viable future.
  • We value what we learn from the communities and people we work with.


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