Education Support Workers Day

Today is Education Support Workers Day, an advocacy day celebrating the work of education support workers and recognising the invaluable work they do in teaching and assisting their students. 

Education support workers have varied skills and experience that they bring to their roles, offering perspectives and support that are of great benefit to students.

Laura Salib is the Kitchen Assistant and Education Support Officer (ESO) in the HEAT program at HHA’s Sunshine campus. The HEAT program supports young people in gaining accredited qualifications in hospitality while they study, which means Laura isn’t only supporting students with their regular schoolwork, but in cooking and learning in the HEAT kitchen as well!

"Building trusting relationships with students is important for them accepting the support offered and engage in education opportunities," says Laura. "Being a flexi school, HHA works closely with every student. Each student is involved with the development and implementation of their Individual Education Plan. The student and their classroom team, which includes the ESO, work very closely to ensure the students education and wellbeing pathway is supported now and into the future."

The support at HHA continues long after students have graduated. "Witnessing alumni return to HHA and speak so strongly about the support and opportunities that evolved as a result of their time at HHA is awesome. I am impressed with the ongoing support provided to all students including the alumni."

And what's the best thing about working in education support? "Building those relationships with students leading to a trusting and engaging environment with lightbulb moments and hi-5’s in the corridor!"