Mock Election

On Monday 16th May, the City Intermediate class ran it’s PDS2 community project – the HHA Mock Election – in a bid to shine a light on the upcoming Federal Election and to educate students and staff on how to vote and why it’s important.

The project members worked together to produce a half-day event for the whole of the City Campus. All students and staff from the City Campus engaged in an “Essential election information” presentation before being audience to a “candidate Q&A” session whereby project members acted as candidates for the four big political parties (Liberals, Labor, Greens and United Australia Party) and the independents. The audience were treated to theatrical speeches and enthusiastic responses to public questions. The whole campus was also decorated with “how to vote” posters and promotional material from candidates.

In the final session of the day, all students and staff participated as voters in a realistic election day setting. With the project members now role-playing as Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) volunteers, voters lined up single-file outside the “polling place” and waited until they were called to get their name ticked off the electoral roll, were issued their ballot paper and made to complete their preferential vote in actual voting booths. Once everyone voted, the voters became scrutineers and closely observed the AEC volunteers determine the winner according to the preferential voting rules. Finally, the winner was decided – Grace, the Labor candidate.