Welcome back to Hester Hornbrook Academy for Term 2, 2024.

The staff all hope that the holiday period provided a chance to rest, rejuvenate, and reconnect with loved ones. 

This term, the school will be placing a special emphasis on the crucial relationship between education and wellbeing.

We believe that when students feel supported, healthy, and happy, they are better able to engage in learning and thrive academically. Likewise, a holistic approach to education that prioritizes wellbeing not only enhances student outcomes but also fosters a positive school culture and community where all young people can forge positive pathways.

Education for Wellbeing is founded on the thought process that as a school we have an obligation to equip students with the knowledge, skills, and resources they need to lead healthy and fulfilling lives. Through curriculum innovation, focus on personal and social capabilities and challenge by choice co-curricular activities,

Hester looks to provide a scaffolded learning opportunity for young people. This education for wellbeing will be further developed though the Health and Wellbeing curriculum for term 2 with a focus on the education of young people on Hygiene, Alcohol and other drugs (AOD), Cyber security and gaming addiction, Nutrition and Gender/Sexual Health. Our goal is to empower students to navigate life's challenges with confidence and resilience.

Wellbeing for Education recognises that a supportive and nurturing environment is essential for effective teaching and learning to take place. We are committed to creating a school culture where every member of our community feels Safe, valued, respected, and supported. This includes fostering positive relationships, promoting inclusivity and diversity, and providing comprehensive support services to address the diverse needs of our students. Ongoing work by our educators is the development of engaging and relevant curriculum for our young people that has real world value to them while still meeting the needs for formal secondary schooling curriculum requirements so the work our students to is towards a senior secondary certificate.

In addition to our focus on education for wellbeing, we will also be paying close attention to attendance and engagement. Regular attendance and active participation are crucial for student success, as they provide opportunities for learning, growth, and social interaction. We will be working closely with students, families, caregivers and support networks to ensure that every student feels motivated, engaged, and supported to attend school regularly and participate fully in their learning journey.

Please find below the important dates for this term:

• Monday 22nd April: Classes begin.

• Thursday 25th April: ANZAC day – School Closed

• Friday 17th May: IDAHOBIT day

• Wednesday 22nd May: Student Free Day

• Friday 7th June: Report writing Day (student free)

• Monday 9th June: Kings Birthday Public Holiday.

• Friday 28th June: End of term (12pm)

Thank you to every member of the Hester Hornbrook community, it is an amazing opportunity to work in a community that makes such a difference.

I look forward to what Term 2 brings.

Cameron Rowe,

Assistant Principal - Hester Hornbrook Academy