Return to school-Friday 9th Oct 2020

We are all returning to school from Friday 9th October, this is when our VET classes resume. When the students and staff return to our campuses physical distancing and essential hygiene practices will again be in place to ensure that everyone is kept safe and healthy.

It is important to understand that any student not following the social and physical distancing rules required by the DET, DHHS and Safe Work Australia will be sent home and will be required to continue with a remote learning program.

Below are the guidelines which will be important requirements for all to follow for the rest of Term 4:

  • Hand hygiene, cough etiquette and cleaning of own equipment will be required by each student at the end of the school day.
  • Hand sanitiser must be used:
    • on entry to a campus and/or classroom,
    • after going to the toilet,
    • before and after preparing food and/or eating food
    • after coughing/sneezing
    • after changing tasks
    • after touching potentially contaminated surfaces.
  • In all spaces possible, the one person per 4 square meter rule will apply. Students must ensure that they follow the rules with regard the number of people in the spaces and classrooms throughout our campuses.
  • Classroom furniture will be re-positioned to ensure that the physical distancing measures are adhered to. They MUST NOT be moved.
  • There will again be no shared equipment and resources and our communal kitchen facilities will not be able to be accessed by students. We will again endeavour to offer individually wrapped food items.
  • Visitors (including family or significant others) will not be able to enter any of our campuses.

Morning and lunch breaks will also be staggered. Each campus will provide students with these details next week when school begins again.

Our remote classes on Wednesday will continue. We have found that the remote learning day has allowed our students to complete their own self-directed work and to receive intensive supports from our staff, whether it be for completion of VCAL tasks, literacy and/or numeracy skills building, and one on one wellbeing focus sessions. All students are required to connect to the whole class morning session at 10am – at this time attendance will be recorded.

It is essential that our students stay home if they are unwell. Please also note in accordance with Victorian Health Advice, parents/carers and/or emergency contacts of any student showing signs of illness will be asked to collect them immediately from their campus. Should a student attend school and be unwell we will ring the parent/carer or emergency contact for immediate pick up of the student.

Finally, should we have a confirmed case of corona virus (COVID 19) in our school, lets cross our fingers that we don’t, we will be in contact with you immediately.

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