Newsletter 17th November 2020


From the Principal-17th November 2020

As the year draws to a close, I take this time to reflect on what an extra ordinary year it has been. What we try to ensure in all schools is that our students are safe, happy and engaged in the work that they do in order that we can help them to achieve successful educational outcomes.

COVID 19 and the restrictions placed on us all certainly made us rethink the way that we deliver our educational and wellbeing programs at HHA. From the beginning of the pandemic we have been determined not to let our students disengage from us, they have had that happen too often in their lives, we need to remain their constant.

For many of our students who were due to graduate or had hopes for transition to work and further education in 2021 we did not want to see a year of school wasted or for their future dreams to be eroded.

We have shown at HHA is that we are a community, together we can get through tough times and ensure that our young people are the core of our work. What we want is happy, connected young people, who are determined to achieve success and look forward to a brighter future.

Our staff are always available to assist, for those who have not yet reached out or have not reconnected, we encourage them to, this year has not been easy for anyone.

Sally Lasslett
Principal – the Hester Hornbrook Academy

Inaugural Mock Interview Day

HHA had its very first Mock Interview Day on 10th of Nov across all three campuses and what a turn out it was. Here are few clicks of happy interviewees with Sarah, Alumni, Pathways and Transition Coordinator:


With the help of the Local Learning and Employment Networks, City LLEN, Inner Eastern LLEN and Future Connect, we were able to provide students with the opportunity to sit a Mock Interview. 34 students across all campuses participated in an interview in the first Mock Interview event at HHA. There was a combination of staff panels and online interviews with external people. There were so many students who put in the effort to make the most out of this opportunity, it was incredibly impressive. To read more click here

Cricket Cookies

Eating insects is more common than you think. New Markets and Food Products feature the little critters as a healthy and sustainable alternative to animal protein. Our HEAT class experimented with these ingredients and had lot of fun baking cookies.

Five reasons to eat Crickets:

  • Densely nutritious, even compared to traditional sources of meat
  • One fourth of world’s population knows bugs can be quite delicious
  • Environmentally sustainable
  • Very Versatile
  • Can help feed a growing population

Here are few snips of baking cookies:

Preparation mode: Choc chip cookies with Cricket PowderReady to Bake !!Sensory Evaluation: Evaluating the finished product



Mask Making Days

When masks became mandatory, our Young Mums’ in Sunshine had some intense mask-making days. We invited a few students from the other classes to join us. It was so much fun that our group has decided to continue with a weekly textiles’ session. Students are now planning to make either a Boho bag, a simple skirt or a pillow. Almost all the fabrics used have been donated or are from Savers. We are trying to make environmentally friendly products where possible.