NewsLetter-24th Feb 2021


From the Principal-24th February 2021

Welcome to the beginning of the 2021 school year. As the principal of The Hester Hornbrook Academy I am excited to begin our new learning year together. We have been busy over the break getting ready for the return of our students-we really do miss them when they are not at school with us.

We have an exciting year ahead! HHA is in a significant growth with many new staff on board; 22 in fact. Our Sunshine campus is open and ready to welcome students and the launch of our Living Learning program this year which will support the educational and mental health outcomes of students.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 is going to be with us for some time. I remind all students that they must adhere to the COVID requirements-one of these being mask wearing. This ensures that we are all safe in our learning environment.

It is our intention to always make your feel comfortable and welcomed at our campuses, so please don't hesitate to make an appointment to see the Head of Campus or one of our staff, including myself, in you need anything at all.

Student attainment of a VCAL certificate and successful transition to further study or employment is our aim. Please support us to assist your student to attend school every day of our school year.

-Sally Lasslett
Principal of The Hester Hornbrook Academy

The new Sunshine Campus

WOW! What a fun place to work. It has been a busy start to the year as we settle into asnd setup our new school space outside the VIsy Cares Hub. There is an exciting buzz across the campus as we welcome back the students and our new(and returning) leardership, administration, teaching, wellbeing, education support and Living Learning program staff.

There is so much to love about the new site. For me, the highlight is 100% the HEAT kitchen and classroom, it is so well laid out. Also of course the indoor basketball court and world clasd table tennis arena that is shared on break time by everyone. Throughout the Welcome Back meetings it was really special to see how the students and their significant others reacted to the design and facilities. Amazing work by all involved in opening this school!!

I can really feel the sense of community growing as relationships are forming between students and staff across different classrooms. This is super exciting and I can't wait to see our community grow more and more over time. A massive thank you to everyone at the Sunshine site for making new staff (me included) feel welcome and supported. I honestly look forward to working with you all!!

-Jess Chomley
Senior Youth Worker-HEAT classroom

Message from our Heads of Campus

It’s with great pleasure that I introduce myself to the wider Hester Hornbrook community. I have recently been appointed as the Head of Campus at our Prahran site. Michael Hill, the previous HoC, has now taken a new role in our organisation as the Associate Assistant Principal – Data and Student Outcomes. This is an exciting new role for Michael and he is certainly missed at Prahran.

Our community has started the year with great zeal. And, despite having been through another lockdown, our amazing young people have taken to their VCAL studies with enthusiasm.  

I look forward to working closely with the team at Prahran and ensuring we provide the best educational environment for the young people in our care.

-Daniel Brown
Prahran HoC

After 10 years at MCM/ HHA as the Head Of wellbeing, I’m excited to take on this new position of Head of Campus at the wonderful City Campus.

This year we will be focusing on building a fun, inclusive and safe community at the City and utilising all the great attractions and services the City has to offer.

-Jo Lehmann
City HoC

It has been wonderful getting to know the students and staff at this site as the new acting Head of Campus.

The new campus has been a fantastic resource. The basketball court and table tennis tables are getting a thrashing every break time and classrooms are full, productive and settled. It has been a time of change both with our location but also the people that attend and work at Sunshine. Both Amanda and Owen have gone on leave, and we have welcomed Tash into role of acting Wellbeing Team Leader. We are all looking forward to the Open Day on the 24th of March, so we can share this awesome new site with the local community. Hopefully we’ll see you there!

-Linus Lane
Sunshine Acting HoC

Open Day 24th March 4PM-7PM

Pantry Scattegories during lockdown

During our first day of Remote Learning on 15th Feb the HEAT class were given an activity to complete called “Pantry Scattegories”. This was fun and we all searched our pantries to find foods starting with each letter of the alphabet. Included were also some extension questions including  What was the most unusual item?. Our amazing teacher Jane found charcoal flour in the cupboard and through discussions with a student in the HEAT class (Grace) found a recipe using this ingredient… Sourdough!

Jane cooked it up and did a taste test for the online class on Tuesday. The outcome… Feel free to ask Jane whether would eat this again!

Here are few of the wonders that happened in HEAT class (both Prahran and Sunshine) over the last few weeks: