From the Principal


At Hester Hornbrook Academy we are a school, only different. Our education setting offers HOPE a Healing Oriented Program of Education. Through HOPE we have re-imagined education, so that it is deeply human centred, highly inclusive, technology enriched, people, place and planet conscious and intentionally purposeful.



HOPE offers a way of being in our educational environment for staff and students; it guides our educational and wellbeing approaches and highlights the importance of connection and relationships.


Our work at Hester Hornbrook reflects an evidence informed approach to supporting young people to re-engage in education. The intentional design of multi-disciplinary teams, learning spaces and curriculum, signal to young people that they have value, and they can embrace the future with optimism.


My wonderful staff all work collaboratively to address the barriers to accessing education within a supportive, therapeutic framework. Our classrooms have a team of three professionals’ teacher, educational intervention support staff member and a youth worker.


Our students experience hands-on learning both inside and outside of the classroom and we are proud to offer the high-quality delivery of the Victorian Pathways Certificate (VPC) and Victorian Certificate of Education – Vocational Major (VCE VM).
Our applied learning model positively impacts student outcomes across all domains. This in turn can change the life trajectories of the young people engaged at Hester Hornbrook, their families and the broader community.


I am very proud of our work and am privilege to be the Principal of Hester Hornbrook Academy. I am passionate about our flexible and individualised approach to both wellbeing and education. Most importantly I am amazed at the resilience of the young people we work with every day and will continue to advocate for their positive pathway of choice.


Hester Hornbrook and our HOPE is ultimately, about changing lives.


Sally Lasslett

Principal — Hester Hornbrook Academy