Our Purpose & Values





At Hester Hornbrook Academy we believe that education is a critical tool for young people to create their own future. Education should not just focus on an academic outcome but be holistic and meet the wider needs of a young person.









Our Vision


An inclusive and just community where all young people have equal access to education and the opportunity to create their own future.









Our Misson


Our mission is to provide an innovative, inclusive and engaging educational experience that will:



ENGAGE young people by welcoming them into a community where they are safe, valued and heard.



EQUIP young people with the skills, knowledge, resilience and values they need to build their vision of a positive future.



EMPOWER young people to lead a purposeful life and be a positive contributor to the community in which they belong.



EXTEND young people to reach further, broaden their educational opportunities and effectively use wellbeing strategies to achieve positive future pathways and transitions.



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Educational Philosophy


We believe that education is a critical tool for giving young people a passport out of disadvantage. Education should not just focus on an academic outcome but be holistic in meeting the wider needs of a young person. Therefore, measurement of success should be unique to the individual and not universal. The school is driven by 5 principles, underpinned by our mission to transform the lives of young people facing disadvantage.


These principles are:


  • Access to education is a basic human rightHester Hornbrook Academy will offer any young person the opportunity to engage in education and opportunity to succeed in life regardless of background, place or circumstances. Critical to any educational experience is the ability to address barriers that prevent access. 

  • Every young person and their journey is unique: Hester Hornbrook Academy’s curriculum will be flexible and centred around a young persons’ unique talents and passions. Progress and outcomes should recognise every young person’s starting point. The focus of any learning plan will support the young person in fulfilling their unique potential.

  • Young people thrive in a community where they are safe, valued and heard: Hester Hornbrook Academy will offer young people the opportunity to participate and contribute fully to the life of their immediate and wider community.

  • Meeting a young person's wellbeing needs is fundamental to their success: Education at Hester Hornbrook Academy will be holistic in its delivery, ensuring there is appropriate support given to the physical, social and mental wellbeing of the young person. 

  • Resilience and character development is fundamental to ensuring lifelong personal growth: Hester Hornbrook Academy will support young people in developing resilience and character in order to successfully navigate the challenges they may encounter through their life.











At Hester Hornbrook Academy all young people, staff and stakeholders are held accountable to behaviours that align with the values underpinned by the key words Safe, Respectful, Productive.






Throughout all its work, Hester Hornbrook Academy is committed to supporting and promoting the principles and practice of Australian democracy. These principles include:


  • Elected government

  • The rule of law

  • Equal rights for all before the law

  • Freedom of religion

  • Freedom of speech and association

  • The values of openess and tolerance

Hester Hornbrook Academy's core values are aligned with the principles of inclusiveness, love, hope, service, and social justice and are fundamental to our practice. At Hester Hornbrook Academy we believe that everyone in the community has a right to have their voice heard and should have the resources necessary for participation in community and social life. We ensure that our students have access to high quality education that:


  • Enables them to realise their learning potential and achieve their best

  • Inspires lifelong learning

  • Enables parents/carers to actively engage in their young person education (where it is safe and appropriate)