VCAL Courses Melbourne - Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning

As VCAL Curriculum leaders, Linus and Kate oversee the delivery of VCAL at our school. They are also responsible for ensuring a high quality of learning experience for all the young people at our school.


Our VCAL co-ordinators:


Kate Zimmer Linus Lane


Our program is tailored to the individual, allowing students to explore their interests and dreams as they work towards the successful completion of their certificate. We allow students to develop the tools needed to succeed not just in further education and their chosen careers, but in every aspect of their lives.


VCAL includes Literacy, Numeracy, Work Related Skills, Personal Development and Industry Specific Skills.


VET units, certificates and a dynamic wellbeing curriculum encourage students to respect, understand and value diversity, teaching cultural competency skills required to effectively navigate the 21st Century.


VCAL Handbook




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