Careers & Pathways


At The Hester Hornbrook Academy, we are passionate about giving each and every student the support they need to thrive. We understand that every person and every pathway is different, and the type of support that is needed will vary from student to student. The Careers and Pathway team is available for all students at Hester Hornbrook Academy at any stage of their education to explore further opportunities.


We have a qualified Careers Practitioner on staff, available to have pathway conversations with students to achieve their academic goals and transition into their chosen field. Our Careers Practitioner also coordinates our Structured Workplace Learning (SWL) program, connecting students to real-world placements to achieve VCAL outcomes as well as gain valuable skills outside of the classroom.


Students also have the opportunity to work with our Pathway and Transitions Coordinator to develop a strong plan to leave HHA with the support in place required to undertake the next steps, whether that be employment, education or further training. One of the pathways that our students have found beneficial is a School Based Apprenticeship and Traineeships (SBAT). This gives our students the opportunity to finalise their VCAL with a day of paid work and a day of vocational training each week. This suits our students who learn better through hands on experiences and those that are ready to get out into the workforce. 


Hester Hornbrook Academy has a number of resources for students to access such as our Careers Website.


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