Hospitality Education and Training Program

The HEAT program is a specialised hospitality and cooking program for young people who have a keen interest in applied learning and the hospitality sector. Our HEAT program has been successfully running for nearly 15 years and continues to develop to meet the demands of the changing hospitality landscape.  


Students in the HEAT program will be enrolled full-time in both VCAL and a Certificate II in Hospitality. This allows students to continue their secondary education whilst engaging in industry specific accredited training relating to cooking and hospitality. Students will also have access to many industry specific experiences and excursions while developing a wide range of life and living skills to prepare them for life beyond school.  


Our HEAT students work from a fully equipped commercial kitchen with all program materials and costs fully covered by Hester Hornbrook Academy.




HEAT Student Testimonial:

“Melbourne is cold place so when we mention “HEAT” you may be a little confused so let us clarify. HEAT is an acronym for Hospitality Education and Training but really HEAT is fun, HEAT is experience. HEAT is something you want to boast about all the time to everyone and to many like myself HEAT is home.


Through a simulated workplace environment designed for personal growth and skill building, it gives you a compass in life to find your way through our world”




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