Trauma Informed Healing Oriented Program

Hester Hornbrook Academy provides a Trauma Informed Healing Oriented education to the young people in our care. 


Why do we do this? 

Our students come to us from complex backgrounds, having unsuccessful school engagement and a range of experiences that can leave them with unresolved trauma and mental health issues.  Our task is to assist students to manage these difficulties and to provide a therapeutic environment that will enable them to engage positively in school and flourish.


How do we do this? 

Our staff are trained in the delivery of a trauma informed curriculum that wraps around the VCAL curriculum.  It is designed to assist students to manage their emotional distress and dysregulation and provide tools and strategies that help our students build a positive engagement with school and a pathway into a productive future. Our healing orientated curriculum is designed to give students a better understanding of things that upset and destabilise them; ways of identifying what emotions they are experiencing and why; and strategies to manage these disruptions.  We assist students to develop their emotional repertoire, identify their strengths and establish a clear set of values and interests that they can use as they move towards adulthood.


The education we offer is grounded in staff providing a respectful, student centred, holistic approach to supporting our young people with all aspects of their wellbeing and a fully engaging, high quality education that caters to their individual interests and prepares them for meaningful work and a successful well managed adult life.