Scholarship Program


Many of our students get a taste for learning and are keen to pursue further education after attending Hester Hornbrook Academy. One avenue of support for our young people in their goals toward future learning and employment is through scholarships. Hester Hornbrook Academy students are embarking on exciting career opportunities in a range of areas, including the arts, hairdressing and lab studies.



Darcy was a big contributor to our City Campus and a Student Voice Executive member in 2019. She was assisted to enrol into a Certificate III Non-emergency Transport and received a scholarship to get her started.



"Doing my course in Non-emergency Transport is a great first steppingstone towards my lifelong goal of being a Paramedic and continuing to help others. I think that I would make a great paramedic as even through my own tough times I have always gone out of my way to help others and I’ve always been a leader through everything I’ve done. Getting into uni for me is a huge deal and something I never thought would be able to happen, but thanks to scholarships like this, kids like me who have done nothing but struggle their whole life have an opportunity to make something better for themselves.” 



Darcy has finished all units in her Certificate III, and was successful in obtaining a place in the Diploma of Paramedicine. 




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