The Victorian Pathways Certificate (VPC) provides an enriched curriculum and excellent support for students to develop the skills, capabilities, and qualities for success in personal and professional life. 



Undertaking this Certificate will support a pathway to employment or entry level TAFE qualifications. The VPC is an accredited Foundation Secondary qualification and aligns to Level 1 in the Australian Qualifications Framework.


While the VPC is not a Senior Secondary qualification, it can be a pathway to the VCE. Students at Hester Hornbrook Academy will have the opportunity to be flexible with their enrolment in VPC and can access a pathway to the VCE VM if deemed suitable.


To be eligible to receive the VPC, students must satisfactorily complete a minimum of 12 units, including:

  • at least two units of VPC Literacy (or units from the VCE English group including VCE Vocational Major Literacy)

  • at least two units of VPC Numeracy (or units from the VCE Mathematics group including VCE Vocational Major Numeracy)

  • at least two VPC Personal Development Skills units

  • at least two VPC Work Related Skills units

Students can also include units from VCE studies, VCE Vocational Major studies, and VET units of competency. VPC students can receive VET credit for 90 nominal hours at the Certificate 1 or above level and receive structured workplace learning recognition. Many students will undertake more than 12 units over the VPC.


The VPC is designed to be flexible in duration depending on a student’s individual learning plan. The VPC may be completed in a minimum of 12 months. For many students at Hester Hornbrook, it may take longer with the units completed in any order, in a flexible manner.


At Hester Hornbrook, enrolments into the VPC is based on the students need for development of of Literacy and Numeracy skills, and is our first point of enrolment for students under the age of 16.





The coursework is delivered to a more accessible level than the VCE and VCE VM. Your teachers assess your progress threough classroom activities.





The VPC will help you prepare for:


  • VCE and VCE VM
  • entry-level VET, which could be at TAFE
  • going straight into the workforce
  • an apprenticeship or traineeship.



When you finish your VPC studies, you’ll get:


  • a Statement of Results from the VCAA

  • a Statement of Attainment from your TAFE (if participating in VET or short courses)

  • your Victorian Pathways Certificate.



For students who don’t complete the full qualification, there will be a Student Achievement Profile summary.




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