VCAL Intermediate



In 2023, there will be a final year of Intermediate VCAL being offered as a “Teach Out”. This will support students who are wishing to complete a VCAL certificate before transitioning into employment, further study, apprenticeships & traineeships.



Intermediate VCAL will be available to:

  • Students enrolled in Foundation VCAL in 2022 who will complete Intermediate VCAL in 2023 as their final year.

  • Students enrolled in Intermediate VCAL in 2022 who will complete Intermediate VCAL in 2023 as their final year.



This certificate does not lead to a VCE-VM completion. The student must be prepared to complete the full requirements of the Intermediate Certificate by the end of 2023 as there will be no further offering beyond 2023. The completion requirement for the award of Intermediate VCAL remain unchanged.


To be awarded a VCAL qualification at Intermediate level, students must successfully complete a learning program that contains a minimum of 10 credits.



A credit is gained for successful completion of a unit of study. A unit of study can be:

  • One VCAL unit

  • One VCE unit

  • 90 hours of completed VET modules or units of competence and/or General Education modules.



The 10 credits must include:

  • a minimum of one credit in each of the following strands: Personal Development Skills strand, Work Related Skills strand and Industry Specific Skills strand

  • a minimum of two credits for Literacy and Numeracy Skills strand – one for Literacy Skills and one for Numeracy Skills.


Foundation VCAL units completed in 2022 (or prior) can provide credit into Intermediate VCAL but cannot be delivered in 2023 as Foundation VCAL will be replaced by the Victorian Pathways Certificate. This offering will not be available to new enrolments unless prior learning can be obtained from your previous school during the enrolment process.






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