Our Difference





Hester Hornbrook Academy provides equal access to quality education and wellbeing supports to ensure all our young people reach their full potential. We place equal value on both wellbeing and education, ensuring that young people are ready and able to achieve educational success.




     Healing Oriented Program of Education (HOPE)


Through HOPE we have re-imagined education, so that it is deeply human centred, highly inclusive, technology enriched, people, place and planet conscious and intentionally purposeful. HOPE is a way of being for staff and students, it guides our educational and wellbeing approaches, and highlights the importance of positive relationships.


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     Restorative Practice School


Our restorative practice approach makes a commitment to developing trusting relationships and repairing relational rupture through restorative practice. Restorative practice is woven into our daily school practice and has a key role in our Healing Orientated Program of Education.




     Youth Worker in every class


At Hester Hornbrook, each young person is allocated to a class that is supported by a classroom team. A classroom team consists of a teacher, youth worker and educational intervention specialist. To understand the daily wellbeing supports provided by our Youth Workers, click the link below.


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     Allied Health and Auxiliary Team


At Hester Hornbrook we have an Allied Health Team. This team works collaboratively with classroom teams and campus leadership to support the individual needs of our young people. 


Our Allied Health and Auxiliary team includes:



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School Nurse Program →
Family Therapeutic Engagement Program →
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     Further Supports to Enhance Learning


To ensure all of our students are ready and able to learn, Hester Hornbrook also provides:



Respectful Relationships →
First Nations Coordinator →



            Food Security


To strengthen food security at Hester Hornbrook we offer daily breakfast club and lunch, prepared by our school chef. We also have a variety of pantry and frozen foods items available on campus for students to take home.



             Support with travel


We provide enrolled young people access to Myki cards to support travel to and from school.



             Health and Wellbeing Focused Sessions


We deliver weekly health and wellbeing sessions and invite experts to facilitate sessions on sexual health and consent, general health education and legal education.

Visiting Services


We have a number of visiting services that regularly attend our campuses to provide additional wellbeing support. These can include students actively engaging in health and fitness programs, art therapy or seeking specialised support from external services around childhood and youth immunisations, housing needs, alcohol and other drug support.