The HOPE Model




Our Healing Oriented Program of Education (HOPE) is a holistic and systemic approach to enhancing the individual and educational needs of students that supports their own identified outcome.


HOPE is a critical element of the Hester Hornbrook “secret-sauce” which supports the successes we see in the young people who are currently attending, or who have previously attended Hester Hornbrook Academy. HOPE encompasses everything we do; it is our identity, our actions and interactions, underpinning our policies, processes, and procedures. HOPE sets us apart by creating a culture of care and development and drives positive outcomes for all stakeholders – students, staff, families, and caregivers.


HOPE is both a philosophy and evidence informed approach to supporting young people to re-engage in education. HOPE is a way of being and seeing the potential in young people to be successful. The intentional design of multi-disciplinary teams, learning spaces and curriculum, signal to young people that they have value, they have a voice, and they will be supported to move towards a future that they can create with optimism, confidence, and capability.


HOPE should be experienced by all. It should support staff in feeling connected and motivated to achieve the school’s vision. Students should feel safe to express themselves and be challenged in a safe way to learn and develop both formally and personally. Our whole community should feel positive about their young person’s connection with Hester Hornbrook and the possibilities and development that will come from their involvement.


HOPE has the potential to be the spearhead, or benchmark, for a global movement shifting the way in which we view and deliver education to young people, most importantly those who have experiences of trauma. We all know that when we address the barriers to accessing education within a supportive, therapeutic framework, student outcomes across all domains are positively impacted. This in turn can change the lives of the young people engaged at Hester Hornbrook, their families and the broader community.



HOPE is ultimately, about changing lives.









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