Wellbeing Support





The focus of our Youth Workers is to ensure that students get the tailored wellbeing support they need to increase participation in learning. The youth worker offers daily wellbeing support on campus which includes:



  • In classroom support focused on strengthening engagement and safety within the classroom to support learning.

  • One to one support outside of the classroom to support presenting wellbeing needs and increase readiness to learn.

  • Case-coordination which includes working with young people’s established care team or making relevant referrals for young people based on their identified need.




Outreach Program


Outreach is an additional core part of our Youth Workers role. Youth Workers engage in outreach weekly to provide additional support to young people with reduced attendance.


Along with the above student resources, at each of our campuses we also have a Wellbeing Team Leader (WTL), who provides support onsite to staff and students. The WTL also holds a case load for inactive students who have disengaged from the school and attempt to re-engage these students back into education. We attempt all re-engagement methods to facilitate reconnecting the student with a positive educational experience.









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