Psychological Services



The following services are provided by our psychological services.







     Psychoeducational Assessment


Psychoeducational assessments can assist our young people to understand more about their learning needs, strengths and challenges, which is important for development of suitable recommendations to enhance learning and promote wellbeing. The process consists of interviews, participation in one or more psychoeducational assessments and feedback sessions with relevant parties involved.








     Mental Health Support


Mental Health Support supports our young people to talk about concerns, come to a greater understanding of self and learn effective personal and interpersonal coping strategies. The nature of the mental health support is to strengthen our young peoples’ support network through building trust, increase help-seeking behaviour and improve engagement with external agencies, so that young people can be equipped to manage their mental health and wellbeing more independently.







     Capacity Building


Capacity building is a process to facilitate knowledge and skills development. The psychologist seeks to share knowledge, resources and strategies with staff, to promote collaboration and foster learning between respective expertise.







     Mental Health and Wellbeing Programs


Wellbeing programs targeting whole school or specific groups can be organised to cultivate a positive working and learning environment for young people and staff to develop skills and promote mental health. This also opens opportunities to utilise community resources and increase collaboration with external service providers to support the need of the school.







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