Hybrid Classroom



Hybrid Classroom is an exciting and innovative new offering for Hester Hornbrook Academy in 2024.


Enrolments for 2024 are still open!


Hester Hornbrook Academy is committed to providing a range of options to support young people to re-engage in their education. This commitment is extending to the delivery of a Hybrid Classroom, HOPE Hybrid.


This class has been designed with careful consideration for supporting the wellbeing of young people who would benefit from having a balance of on-line and in-person learning opportunities, through enriching differentiated curriculum options (specifically the Victorian Pathways Certificate) and engagement activities, encompassing all the elements of our Healing Oriented Program of Education.  



  • Monday & Tuesday: on-line learning from home - where you can feel comfortable being in your surroundings.
  • Wednesday & Thursday: in-person attendance at our Hester Hornbrook City Campus – where you can develop friendships and connect with your classmates beyond the screen.
  • Friday: involvement in our Victorian Pathways Certificate (VPC) program.


  • Note: An online supervisor will be required to be in attendance and contactable for the online days of learning (10 am to 3pm). A declaration will need to be signed to confirm this commitment.  
  • This is a full-time class enrolment.


This class is best suited to you if you have:

  • Experienced disengagement from education for more than 10 weeks.
  • Have a diagnosed or imputed mental health condition. 
  • Experienced previous success or enjoyment in an online learning environment.
  • The support of a guardian to participate in online learning during the ‘on-line’ days.

Our multi-disciplinary Teaching team for this class includes a Teacher, Youth Worker and Education Support Officer. 

  • Students will be supplied with a laptop (inclusive of internet), a MYKI card, food for days of in-person classes.
  • Students will be supported with 1:1 learning interventions, an Individual Education Plan, supportive outreach if requested, and an understanding learning environment – with a healthy mix of online and in-person opportunities to develop friendships and a connection back to learning and education.  


In-person attendance at our City campus is an important element to this class, to help develop our classroom community and build positive and strong relationships.


Being our first iteration of this learning option, opportunities to include student voice in the development of this program are welcomed.