Student Enrolment Journey




The student enrolment journey at Hester Hornbrook Academy may look a little different to other schools because Hester Hornbrook is a little different. We support young people aged 15-25 who are disengaged from school.


Being disengaged from school can look different for different young people. The young person might: 


  • not be enrolled at school or a training provider. 
  • have attended school less than 5 days in the last 10 weeks. 
  • Have made very little progress in their school learning. 


There are also complex life challenges that may put a young person at risk of becoming disengaged from school. These challenges may occur in the young person’s family, community, school or personal life. 


Hester Hornbrook’s enrolment journey is different to state schools. We are an independent school and can choose who comes here. Our enrolment journey lets us get to know the young person before they enrol. This way, we can be sure that Hester Hornbrook is the right fit ad can support the needs of the young person. If our enrolments team decides we are not the right school for the young person, we will provide a list of alternative schools that may be a better option. 




Click the link below if you are the young person applying to enrol, or the parent/guardians/carers of the young person.





Click the link below if you are a 3rd party applying on behalf of the young person.









Use the link below to complete the Enrolment Criteria questions. These questions will check if you are eligible to apply for enrolment at our school. We will advise you of the outcome of this check. If you are eligible, we will send you a link to our Enrolment Application form.

Please note: eligibility does not guarantee enrolment. The enrolment team may inform you at any point during the Student Enrolment Journey that your application has not been accepted. 




If you are eligible, you will be emailed the Enrolment Application.You will need to complete this application by providing us with some information about yourself and your experiences.Our enrolments team will then review your application and see if we have space available at the campus you want to attend.You will also be given a list of supporting documents that need to be uploaded, including previous school reports and medical action plans. 




If there is space a place available at the campus you want to attend, you will be invited to a campus tour of this campus. School tours are done in small groups. During the tour, you can ask questions and we will inform you of the next steps. After the tour, you will be required to upload the supporting documents to your enrolment application including, previous school reports. 




Depending on the information provided in your Enrolment Application, you may be asked to come in for a screener. Screeners are completed one on one with a Hester Hornbrook staff member and give us information about your literacy and numeracy skills. This information helps us to best support you with the next stage of your learning. 





Once you have submitted the required educational documentation (see Step 3), you will be invited to attend a Wellbeing and Learning Interview. This is a 1:1 onversation and usually takes about 45 minutes. During this conversation, we will get a better understanding of the challenges you have faced, and what you need to be successful at school. 





The next step is that we will be asking for additional documentation. This could include any support plans or other information that we may need to support you at school. Home Visit – Hybrid student only. If the young person is interested in the Hybrid program, a home visit will be scheduled. During the home visit, staff will meet with the student and adult who will supervise them during learn from home days. Staff will set goals with the young person and check that there is a suitable learning

environment for the Hybrid program. 




The next step is that you will be emailed a link to the Enrolment Form. This form asks for a lot of detail and will help Hester Hornbrook keep you safe and supported at school.You will be required to upload documents including identification documentation and medical action plans. 




After you have completed the enrolment form and submitted the required documents, a staff member will be in contact to arrange a meeting with you and your support person/s. Here, you will set some goals and strategies for yourself as you settle into your new school.  




Once an your enrolment is confirmed and accepted and we receive any outstanding documents our enrolment team will contact you and schedule you into an orientation session. Classes commencing after. 




Once you have completed orientation you will be able to attend your ongoing class… 





Click the link below if you are the young person applying to enrol, or the parent/guardians/carers of the young person.




Click the link below if you are a 3rd party applying on behalf of the young person.